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This site is dedicated to our American Bulldogs.  If you are not familiar with the breed, they are often known as the farm/utility dogs of the South.  American Bulldogs are a very capable breed.  They can and often do excel in many activities such as farm work, sport work, showing, personal protection, weight pulling, hunting or simply a loving family pet.

American Bulldogs are our life!  We are privileged to share our lives with such a magnificent breed.  This breed is loving, loyal, strong and often dominant.  While a preference to some, they are not for everyone.  Please research to ensure it is the right one for you!

We prefer Standard (Scott), performance or hybrid type American Bulldogs, especially colored dogs such as fawns and brindles.  When it comes to our dogs, we are striving for excellence in conformation and versatility, as well as adding a little vibrancy and color back into the performance pool.

Our dogs are NKC and UKC registered.  We show for conformation and have interest in other dog sporting events.  We are family exhibitors and fanciers.  Our dogs are raised in a family environment.  Temperament and health are very important.  Our personal goals include promoting sound and stable temperaments, but most important healthy, happy dogs that can perform whenever duty calls, whatever that duty may be. 

  Please check out our site and let us know if you have any questions or comments.

From L to R:  Uncle Derek Greer, author and international show judge, Fred Lanting, Tommy & Doc at the Heart of Dixie American Bulldog Speciality in Steele, Alabama.



We are honored to know and call Mr. Fred Lanting family.  Fred is a well-known author, international show judge and lecturer of All Things Canine consulting division, Willow Wood Services.  Fred has traveled the world over, judging and lecturing.  Around here we affectionately refer to him as the "Doggy Lama".  His extensive experience includes: 

JUDGING EXPERIENCE: over 24 countries

Approved all-breed judge in Bolivia, China, Trinidad, Malaysia, Uruguay, Colombia, Brazil, & other countries including U.S. registries such as UKC. 


Lecturer in about 30 countries on Gait-and-Structure, Canine Orthopedic Disorders, etc. Formerly instructor at Senior Conformation Judges Ass’n Institute and W.Va. Canine College (including member of advisory board).  Worldwide canine behavior & structure consultant. Security & training consultant/analyst for Asesores Caninos (Colombia), and other countries. Expert witness in litigation, in most canine topics. 

AUTHOR: The Total German Shepherd Dog, Canine Hip Dysplasia, Canine Orthopedic Problems, technical and science books, books of poetry, etc. Writer of innumerable articles in dog magazines. Columnist for many magazines and websites in the U.S. and abroad; frequent contributor to a wide variety of publications. Serious scholar of canine anatomy and health; assistant in veterinary surgery; guest lecturer at many vet schools. 

Fred offers the following services... 


1. HD and Other Orthopedic Disorders: slide presentation touching on all aspects including genetics, nutrition, diagnosis, treatments, and more. Includes Question-&-Answer session. Total: Two hours & up, or tailored to your needs.

2. Analytical Approach to Evaluating Dogs: a unique gait-and-structure slide talk, describing how to choose studs, candidates for purchase, pick puppies, and judge dogs in the ring or from ringside. Also stresses why decisions are made between dogs. Live volunteer dogs, slide illustrations, audience "hands-on" participation. From two hours, depending on number of dogs and participants/learners. Can be expanded if ring conditions and more intensive practice are desired. Can make a one-day package (a.m., lunch, and p.m.) for a money-builder for club treasuries, or a one-lecture-plus-meal event.

3. Schutzhund/VPG problem-solving and technique improvements.

4. Anatomy Courses similar to SCJA Institute lectures. 

5. Others by special arrangement: Grooming, Handling, Basic Genetics, etc.

6. Evolution of the American German Shepherd Dog (spec clubs).

(Fee plus expenses; if lectures are in connection with judging assignments, such costs can be divided. No fee beyond expenses charged for lectures in foreign countries). 

If you are interested in aquiring Fred's services or would like to purchase his books, please check out his website at www.fredlanting.org. Don't forget to tell him his American Bulldog family sent you!































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