Saylor American Bulldogs

Arab, Alabama

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* Companions for life *

This site is dedicated to our American Bulldogs. If you are not familiar with the breed, they are often known as the farm/utility dogs of the South. American Bulldogs are a very capable breed. They can and often do excel in many activities such as farm work, sport work, showing, personal protection, weight pulling, hunting or simply a loving family pet.

American Bulldogs are our life! We are privileged to share our lives with such a magnificent breed. American Bulldogs are loving, loyal, strong and often dominant. While a preference to some, they are not for everyone. Please throughly research to ensure this breed is the right one for you!

We prefer Standard (Scott), performance or hybrid type American Bulldogs, especially colored dogs such as fawns, reds and brindles. When it comes to our dogs, we are striving for excellence in conformation and versatility, as well as adding a little vibrancy and color back into the performance pool.

Our dogs are NKC and UKC registered. We show for conformation and have interest in other dog sporting events. Our dogs are raised in a family environment with lots of socialization. Temperament and health are very important.  Our dogs tend to be medium to very high drive, not to mention very active and athletic. 

We try hard to stay within the breed standards, so there are no extremes and we do not follow or adhere to current "breeding" fads.   Our personal goals include promoting sound and stable temperaments, but most important healthy, happy dogs that can perform whenever duty calls, whatever that duty may be.

Please check out our site and let us know if you have any questions or comments.