Shipping/Transport/Pick-up Info

Please read our shipping/transport policy very carefully.

Naturally, we have always preferred local pick-up of our puppies, however in the past we did on occasion, ship across the U.S. and Canada. We always shipped in over-sized crates to allow for extra ventilation and never had any issues (other than a few scheduling hiccups due to weather).  All pups made it safely to their destinations in excellent health. 

Most shipping options via air are no longer possible.  As of May 2018, the last airline that accepted American Bulldogs in cargo no longer does so.  They consider our breed to be brachycephalic or "snub-nosed", thus more susceptible to possible breathing issues. 

Because of all the recent publicized mishaps, there is now a ban in place for shipping what they consider to be "snub-nosed" breeds, such as ANY breed of Bulldog, Boxers, Chows, Mastiffs, Shih-Tzus and many others.  Unfortunately, due to this ban we are no longer able to ship pups as we once did.

Below are several other possible options for aquiring your puppy from us:

Option 1 - Local Pick-up/Driving

The easiest solution for getting your new pup would be to simply schedule a time for local pick-up at our residence.  This will save any shipping cost and is a great way to meet us, one or both puppy parents and our other dogs.  We welcome all visitors and are conveniently located within the southeast.  Being smack in the middle of north Alabama, we are around 2 hrs. from Nashville and 3 or so from the Atlanta area. 

If you are located outside the southeast, but still plan on driving we may can accomodate you by meeting up (a few hours out), to help cut down on your driving distance, should you prefer.  We will try to arrange something convenient for you (work schedules permitting).  Just contact us to discuss further. 

Option 2 - In Cabin or Carry-On Baggage Air Travel 

Some airlines may still allow air travel for puppies and small pets as carry-on baggage or in cabin with the owner on a space-available basis.  The airlines typically charge an extra fee for this service, as well as for any lay overs and it is not a guaranteed option on all flights.  For example:  United typically charges $125 for this service and an additional fee per any layover.  You would need to check with the airlines for availability and current pricing info. 

We are located 22 miles south of Huntsville, AL  within reasonable driving distance of Huntsville International or Birmingham airports.   If you wish to do a quick fly in and out with your pup, we would be happy to bring your pup and meet you at either airport (work schedules permitting).  If you are unable to fly yourself, there are also nanny fly service companies out there, that can do the flying for you, such as The Furry Godmother's TLC Pet Transport & Flight Nanny.  You would need to check with them for pricing and for more info about their services.  Just Google their website or Facebook page.  

Please know there are strict guidelines for flying in cabin and different airlines have different rules.  Be sure to research, read and follow your airline's guidelines for flying in cabin, should you choose this method for pick-up of your pup.   Any air travel would need to be made well in advance and is entirely the purchaser's responsibility! 

Most airlines will require the puppy to be 20lbs or under and will only allow certain types of carriers or crates.  Several of the airlines prefer the soft-sided carriers, so they can sit at your feet or slide under the seat.   If you are considering in cabin travel, it is best to get your puppy around the 8-10 week mark, as they will become too large, too quickly to fit in most of the allowable carriers after that. 

Our pups are good-sized at 8-10 weeks old with weights being anywhere from 12 - 18lbs on average, so no doubt they would need to be able to fit comfortably in the required carrier.  It's safe to bet they would need the largest size permitted for comfort and proper ventilation.  Be sure to check with us for the pup's height/weight or measurements, since there are size limitations.  Please research and contact us BEFORE any booking is made.   

Please note:  We DO NOT supply the shipping carriers or crates.  This is something you would need to purchase in advance and bring along with you.  Remember, the carrier/crate you choose must be airline approved and in the appropriate size.  You can find these carriers at many local retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, Chewy, PetSmart etc.

Your pup will need a travel health certificate, which we will provide from our vet.  Cost for this is $50 for within the US and $100 for outside the US.  It must be dated within 10 days of the flight.  This is not optional, it is required for air or ground transport.

You would need to let us know in advance, so we would have time to schedule an appointment with our vet for the final health check and health certificate.  For instance, if you will be flying in on a weekend, we would need to get the health certificate prior to this.

Again, any air travel is entirely the purchaser's responsibility!!

Option 3 - Ground Transport

If the other options are not feasible, we can look into doing ground transport.  We would need to collect the pertinent information from you to get a shipping quote and of course pricing is determined by the from and to destinations. 
Ground transport also requires a travel heath certificate and may require crate purchase.

** Travel heath certificates are $50 for within the U.S. and $100 for international.  They are required for both air and ground transport. **  

** Any and all shipping, as well as the price for pup must be paid in full before leaving **

** We reserve the right and will not ship by air or ground, if we feel the puppy's health or safety will be jeopardized in any way. **

** We do not supply shipping carriers for air travel.  This is something you would need to purchase and bring along with you to fly your pup home.  Remember all carriers must be airline approved and in the appropriate size.  **