Comments - Just wanted to update you guys on Chief Cotaco. He's been a great addition to our family and we love him very much. He is so beautiful. I thought his Dad looked big, but Chief is as big as Doc now and is as strong as a horse. He serves no function around here other than to be a loving pet that looks threatening enough to keep strangers a little nervous. He's too good natured and laid back to bark, but he sure looks mean enough.  I have had a lot of friends and relatives interested in where they could get an American Bull. I always send them to your website.  I just wanted to let you know how happy we are and that Chief is as happy and healthy as we are. - C. Wright

Hi Louette,
Thor just had his spring check-up.  I don't know if you keep records to track puppy progress, but he weighed in at 60 lbs. and is one healthy pup.  On a sad note I lost another dog, of my original 14 he is the only one left.
Hope everyone is well.
-Glenn (Long-time dog trainer retired)



We had been looking for a Scott type American Bulldog for a while now, but all we could find was the Johnson kind. Finally found this breeder and visited them. Checked out there dogs to make sure they are ok and not a puppy mill. Real nice down to earth couple that made us feel welcome. We got to meet all there dogs. They are beautiful with shiney coats. Really healthy looking. You can tell they are well cared for and loved. They are legit breeders. We are excited about getting a puppy from them and can't wait. - David 


We bought our baby Em from them a few years ago and couldn't be more satisfied. She is happy, healthy and has been a true member of our family, since she's been with us. These people went out of their way to answer all our questions and concerns from day one. When we met, they seemed like old friends. I was really impressed by their knowledge of this breed. They seem to know it inside out, but the most impressive of all was the fact they said if something happened and we couldn't take care of our Emma, they would always take a dog back. That speaks volumes and I knew they truly cared and were the right breeder for us! I don't think there are a lot of breeders out there willing to take dogs back. If there were, the pounds would be a lot less crowded. Our next puppy will most definitely come from Saylors American Bulldogs!  - JD